To collect, classify, preserve and exhibit children’s art and children’s written and verbal expression including, but not limited to, drawings, stories and narrative accounts of children’s communications recorded in any format (“Children’s Artefacts”), in order to educate and increase the public’s understanding of the social, historical, educational and psychological significance of Children’s Artefacts; and

To advance education by conducting research concerning the social, historical, educational and psychological aspects of Children’s Artefacts and making the results publicly available.

2Day – Great day for an international activity!

Our first campaign starts on International Archives Day (June 9th) and runs until International Children’s Right Day (November 20th).

Please be generous on our secured campaign page as our needs are immense, from the basic of annual domain name registration to database development to professional handling and filing of precious materials in our care.

Our program areas:




Want to learn more about the International Archives Day? Visit the ICA’s blog and read this great article by Claude Roberto.