Occasionally, it is important that we take a moment to think about people who inspire us and those we like to inspire.

Inspiration is something at once full of mysteries and quite common. Artists are known to rely on it for their success, but at one level or the other, we all know and experience inspiration. People inspire art, art inspire people , people inspire people and art inspire art.

This minimalist short film by Pierre Oscar Levy, Enfant au toton, is the perfect two and a half minutes to meditate on inspiration. In it, find craft, design, painting, photo, fashion, music and video. Take the time to see the various talents required to making it, and how far back goes Chardin’s inspiration before reaching us.

Still image and detail, Enfant au toton (Chardin), a film by Pierre Oscar Levy, 2010. Droits photo © Petit Palais / Jean Schorman. Source: Youtube, 5 September 2020.

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