Many more have joined the conversation in 2021

According to our web statistics, unique visitors and total hits for our website have increased by 50 % this past year, compared with the previous one. With over 12,000 visitors and 156,000 hits, we can say that more and more people are developing an interest in the preservation of children’s art and expression. It is not all, of those visiting, 13 % spend at least 15 minutes on the site and 11 % more than 30 minutes. We might not be the latest singing kitty with nearly 20 M views on the tube or on Tik Tok, but we purr to our own beat.

Our visitors come largely from Canada and the United States, but also significantly from France, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan and several others. We are also lucky to have dedicated volunteers helping out with our social media. A steady 800 subscribers follow us on Instagram. Pass on the word and help more people support our mission.

CDIC’s website stats for 2021, as per cPanel. Source: CDIC-CIDE.

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