Explore mandalas and you will find one of the most versatile family craft activities you can think of. From a modest pencil circle from which you scribble spontaneously, to an intricate meticulously drawn and harmoniously colored mandala, you will find the one for you, by you. You might only want to pick one ready for coloring, or put together a few found objects, for an ephemeral mandala.

The tradition of the mandala has transcended cultures, spiritualities and now is even found in our pop consumer world. Profound and superficial all at once, that is how wide and deep the mandala’s reach is. There is no way around its mesmerizing beauty and the joy it brings. Individually or collectively, making mandalas is a way to deepen our sense of patience, connection, and introspection.

Read Joshua J. Mark‘s richly illustrated and well researched article on the subject, published by the much praised World History Encyclopedia. Several artists have made mandalas their trademark, so to speak. Thaneeya McArdle interviewed mandala artist Stephanie Smith for her Art is Fun blog. The perogies mandala looks savory. See also the artisan products by Jamie Lockeart. The meditation benches are awesome. As for “Mandalaland“. Well, it is a festive online mandala for coloring bookstore in Bogota, Columbia.

Kalachakra thangka painted in Sera Monastery, Tibet. Photo by Kosi Gramatikoff. Exploration of esoteric dreams of the Himalayas. Source: ResearchGate, 23 February, 2022.

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