The fun challenge of continuous line drawing

It is the kind of thing that you cannot fully appreciate until you try it. One line or continuous line drawing is usually known for being at once simple in appearance and stylish. Hidden behind its projected ease and expressive flow, is the intense visualization of its author. Making a figurative drawing with only one line, without lifting the pen, pencil or marker off the page, brings many surprises, and helps to explore new creative horizons. It can be as rewarding as it is challenging.

For inspiration, discover the touching story of artist Dane Khy who found comfort in drawing, after the loss of his canine companion. On his WOL (With One Line) website, we see how his large scale murals integrate the continuous line approach and also how well the technique mixes with colors and portraiture.

One of the best how-to lessons and video, is by Matt Fussell, The Virtual Instructor. Matt breaks it all down into four simple rules and clear exercises. His advice to “embrace the imperfections” that bring character is right on.

Let’s end this post with the ultimate vintage, low tech continuous line drawings. Those are made with Etch A Sketch toy by American artist Jane Labowitch, a.k.a. PrincessEtch herself. See her playful, uplifting selection for sale on Etsy. She is also a prolific illustrator and web designer.

Etch A Sketch toy. By Spin Master. Source:, 8 March 2022.

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