Thank you!

They are two simple words and they come from the bottom of our hearts, for our past current and future volunteers. It has been challenging times for everyone and for a young organization like ours over more than two years into the pandemic now. So we are grateful for the help we get and full of hope for the years to come.

We join thousands of community organizations in Canada in celebrating the National Volunteer Week. Volunteering is empathy in action and we are proudly putting our and all volunteers under the spotlight they so deserve. Together they contribute to a better world. We share with you the coloring page for kids, kindly produced by Volunteer Canada.

There is more. Each of you reading this post can also give five minutes of your time to help us out. It is as easy as answering our short Needs assessment for a database search tool questionnaire. It is anonymous and we are looking for as diverse perspectives as possible. Professionals in the humanities, education and arts professionals, parents, grand parents and everyone you can share the link with can answer. Your answers to the questionnaire will guide us in developing our online searchable catalogue. A mere five minutes will go a long way for us.

National Volunteer Week. Source: Volunteer Canada.

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