We need your input

Please take five minutes to answer our short survey. We want to know how children’s drawings can be of interest and of use to you. Anyone can answer and the main question is: “Provide 1 to 3 examples of what you would look for in the collection. It can be as general or as specific as you like.”

We are preparing our digital solution that will make our collection searchable online. We need input from families, researchers, psychologists, historians, educators, curators, archivists, publishers, and artists.

Your answers will greatly help us for the years to come. Your input will influence the way we document and catalogue our archival objects. It will help us maximize accessibility of our collection, and our capacity to reach a diverse and dynamic group of users.

Red room. By Yvon. Gouache, 1960s. Source: CDIC-CIDE.

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