International Archives Week 2022

Our way to celebrate this year’s International Archives Week (June 6-10), was to kick it off locally by meeting families at Imagine in the Park Festival, Hamilton Canada. Many thanks to the organizers for their amazing hospitality.

We were able to meet and interact with many families “unplugged” for the first time in our short history. Children and their parents could see a samples of collection items from the 1940s to 2021. Many shared their stories about their home art and a few grand parents even confided to us about well preserved treasures of their own.

June 9th is International Archives Day, that is the day we begin our annual fundraising drive all the way to International Children’s Rights Day in November. Please help us with your donation.

Family visiting our booth at Imagine in the Park festival, 2022. Photos: CDIC-CIDE. Source:

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