Oh, mother!

With Mothers’ Day just around the corner, time is right to praise them and their vital contribution to humanity. Did you know that our collection spans several generations of mothers? This is to say that we celebrate them pretty much 24/7. Case in point, three women, three mothers, three doers who are among those who made the collection a reality.

Lisette Tremblay had saved drawings, collages and school works that she made as a child and a teenager in the 1940s. She kept to herself that she had preserved these items dear to her for decades, while raising a family, and until reaching the venerable age of eighty. She did the same for her children, most of whom are also represented in the collection. The collection even includes a collage by a great-grand-son of hers. The fonds named after her spans over sixty years, and is the most significant in this respect.

Gisèle Dallaire’s children are also well represented in the collection. The images were made in Montreal during the late 90s and early 2000s. Gisèle was an early supporter of the idea of our collection, long before it was even incorportated and established. Her two children were adults at the time of their contribution. It was a family initiative.

Sangeetha Gnanavel is from a new generation of mothers. She began volunteering with us from the early days of our activities, and has been a great supporter during the challenging outset of the pandemic. She helped us reach out to young families, precisely where children’s art is created, and also too often discarded, sadly.

Mothers, save your children’s art! Children, say thank you mom.

The parrot. Paper cut collage, 1940s, by Lisette Tremblay. Source: CDIC-CIDE.

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