To collect, classify, preserve and exhibit children’s art and children’s written and verbal expression including, but not limited to, drawings, stories and narrative accounts of children’s communications recorded in any format (“Children’s Artefacts”), in order to educate and increase the public’s understanding of the social, historical, educational and psychological significance of Children’s Artefacts; and

To advance education by conducting research concerning the social, historical, educational and psychological aspects of Children’s Artefacts and making the results publicly available.


Children’s Design International Collection strives to be the point of reference for the conservation of children’s expression.

It is at the centre of a multidisciplinary network of researchers and educators and is developing valuable knowledge that is accessible to all.

Thank you to all organizations that have assisted us over the years, You have been hosts, supporters, partners, on projects that helped us grow, and expand the crucial conversation on the preservation and accessibility of children’s expression.

  • Archeion by AAO
  • BoardMatch by Altruvest
  • Canada Helps
  • Charitable Impact
  • Chezuba
  • Donate a car Canada
  • Free Little Libraries
  • Goodera
  • Hamilton Public Library’s Locke Street Branch
  • Imagine In The Park Festival
  • Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment
  • Management Advisory Services of Toronto
  • McMaster University Community Engagement Office
  • McMaster University Library
  • Society for the History of Childhood and Youth
  • University of Guelph Child Care and Learning Centre

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