CDIC welcomes new board members

We are pleased to announce that two more dedicated people have joined CDIC’s board of directors.

Uday Kankanala is a Director in Transformation Office at CIBC. He is enthusiastic and self-motivated professional with over twelve years of experience working in Financial Services, Consulting and Telecom Industries. He strongly believes that children are very vital in shaping tomorrow’s world and likes to be part of organizations that, like ours, work towards keeping chilhood a priority. Uday chairs the Data Governance Committee.

Jin Tian completed her Bachelor of Commerce in University of Alberta. She is currently a CPA accountant with corporate and investment finance experience in the pension management industry. Jin has an interest in painting and drawing since she was a child. She knows that people’s drawings reflect their fears, joys and dreams, and let transpire their personalities. Jin now serves as CDIC’s Treasurer.

We welcome both super volunteers with open arms.

Spiderman, by Mathieu, c2002. Source: CDIC-CIDE, 2022.

Interview with Roger Clark Miller

Musician, composer, conceptual artist Roger Clark Miller shared with us a drawing that he made in 1966, at fourteen. We are lucky that he is a conservationist and thankful he could show it to us and tell its story.

He calls it a GROB and considers it borderline appropriate. Indeed it feels juvenile in a full mid-teens sense, and it remains so to this day, according to the Urban Dictionary. However, little did I suspect before preparing this post, that GROB was not only the name of a German aircraft company, but also a funky philanthropic legal term (Gift with Reservation Of Benefit), as explained by lawyer Sian Davies at Co-op Legal Services in the United Kingdom. How appropriate! We are after all a registered charity. Please donate a GROB, or other gifts as you wish.

Interview with Roger Clark Miller. Source: CDIC-CIDE Youtube channel, 10 July 2022

Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Until the end of June, when making a donation in support of our mission, you also increase our chances to win $20 000. We rely on donors to grow the collection and to preserve items in the best possible conditions. Your donation will make a difference and help us bring fantastic images to our target audiences. Please give generously.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is an annual initiative by CanadaHelps, a registered charity just like us.

CDIC at Educate to Innovate Conference

Thank you Rachel Reesor, Program Coordinator, and the Jean Augustine Centre for hosting us at their Educate to Innovate conference in Toronto. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to introduce our organization in person to so many fine people of all ages, at the Design Exchange Building.

With this event, organizers gave a concrete demonstration that artistic creativity goes hand in hand with the creativity that fuels science and technology. Allowing families to share this common value means a lot to a community.

And to the young participant who rushed to our table at the end of the day, to contribute her pencil portrait of a dinosaur, be sure that it is safe with us and will not go extinct.

International Archives Week 2022

Our way to celebrate this year’s International Archives Week (June 6-10), was to kick it off locally by meeting families at Imagine in the Park Festival, Hamilton Canada. Many thanks to the organizers for their amazing hospitality.

We were able to meet and interact with many families “unplugged” for the first time in our short history. Children and their parents could see a samples of collection items from the 1940s to 2021. Many shared their stories about their home art and a few grand parents even confided to us about well preserved treasures of their own.

June 9th is International Archives Day, that is the day we begin our annual fundraising drive all the way to International Children’s Rights Day in November. Please help us with your donation.

Family visiting our booth at Imagine in the Park festival, 2022. Photos: CDIC-CIDE. Source:

We need your input

Please take five minutes to answer our short survey. We want to know how children’s drawings can be of interest and of use to you. Anyone can answer and the main question is: “Provide 1 to 3 examples of what you would look for in the collection. It can be as general or as specific as you like.”

We are preparing our digital solution that will make our collection searchable online. We need input from families, researchers, psychologists, historians, educators, curators, archivists, publishers, and artists.

Your answers will greatly help us for the years to come. Your input will influence the way we document and catalogue our archival objects. It will help us maximize accessibility of our collection, and our capacity to reach a diverse and dynamic group of users.

Red room. By Yvon. Gouache, 1960s. Source: CDIC-CIDE.

See you at Imagine in the Park Festival – June 4th

For two years, we have longed for the moment when public health authorities would allow large gatherings and community events. The time has come and we will be so glad to meet you at the popular Gage Park, in Hamilton (Canada), on June 4th. We are proud to call Imagine in the Park our Collection Partner. We are grateful for their hospitality.

Come join the fun and visit us in person at our information table. Oh, and bring some art to contribute to the Collection!

A special thanks to BannerBuzz, for their kind support for the occasion.

Become a Collection Partner

We invite schools, libraries, daycares, community centres and events to join our network of “collection stations”, where families can drop off kids’ art and contribute to our archival collection for preservation.

Participating organizations can have their logos and website links displayed on our website. Participation is free.

The program is as simple as A-B-C: a) Confirm participation with start and end dates; b) Get our art portfolio with flyers and send a confirmation photo; and c) Let us pick up artworks from portfolio, and you start refill cycle.

Save and share this program description sheet if you know other potential participants.

For now, the program is available in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). We hope to expand our reach as more funding becomes available.

If your school or community organization is interested or have any question, simply email us at

Portfolio, flyers and holder. Source:

Thank you!

They are two simple words and they come from the bottom of our hearts, for our past current and future volunteers. It has been challenging times for everyone and for a young organization like ours over more than two years into the pandemic now. So we are grateful for the help we get and full of hope for the years to come.

We join thousands of community organizations in Canada in celebrating the National Volunteer Week. Volunteering is empathy in action and we are proudly putting our and all volunteers under the spotlight they so deserve. Together they contribute to a better world. We share with you the coloring page for kids, kindly produced by Volunteer Canada.

There is more. Each of you reading this post can also give five minutes of your time to help us out. It is as easy as answering our short Needs assessment for a database search tool questionnaire. It is anonymous and we are looking for as diverse perspectives as possible. Professionals in the humanities, education and arts professionals, parents, grand parents and everyone you can share the link with can answer. Your answers to the questionnaire will guide us in developing our online searchable catalogue. A mere five minutes will go a long way for us.

National Volunteer Week. Source: Volunteer Canada.

Volunteer with us

Come help our cause

We are expanding our board and establishing a permanent committee structure. More committed individuals will be needed in the coming months and coming years. Please consider joining our ranks and submit your nomination or share this post with someone you think might be a good fit for our charitable organization. We are looking to put together four permanent committees, each requiring its own set of expertise and interest. For detailed committee descriptions and how to apply, see our Join in and volunteer page. The committees are…

Governance Committee

Community and Professional Outreach Committee

Fundraising Committee

Data Governance Committee

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