See you at Imagine in the Park Festival – June 4th

For two years, we have longed for the moment when public health authorities would allow large gatherings and community events. The time has come and we will be so glad to meet you at the popular Gage Park, in Hamilton (Canada), on June 4th. We are proud to call Imagine in the Park our Collection Partner. We are grateful for their hospitality.

Come join the fun and visit us in person at our information table. Oh, and bring some art to contribute to the Collection!

A special thanks to BannerBuzz, for their kind support for the occasion.

Become a Collection Partner

We invite schools, libraries, daycares, community centres and events to join our network of “collection stations”, where families can drop off kids’ art and contribute to our archival collection for preservation.

Participating organizations can have their logos and website links displayed on our website. Participation is free.

The program is as simple as A-B-C: a) Confirm participation with start and end dates; b) Get our art portfolio with flyers and send a confirmation photo; and c) Let us pick up artworks from portfolio, and you start refill cycle.

Save and share this program description sheet if you know other potential participants.

For now, the program is available in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). We hope to expand our reach as more funding becomes available.

If your school or community organization is interested or have any question, simply email us at

Portfolio, flyers and holder. Source:

Thank you!

They are two simple words and they come from the bottom of our hearts, for our past current and future volunteers. It has been challenging times for everyone and for a young organization like ours over more than two years into the pandemic now. So we are grateful for the help we get and full of hope for the years to come.

We join thousands of community organizations in Canada in celebrating the National Volunteer Week. Volunteering is empathy in action and we are proudly putting our and all volunteers under the spotlight they so deserve. Together they contribute to a better world. We share with you the coloring page for kids, kindly produced by Volunteer Canada.

There is more. Each of you reading this post can also give five minutes of your time to help us out. It is as easy as answering our short Needs assessment for a database search tool questionnaire. It is anonymous and we are looking for as diverse perspectives as possible. Professionals in the humanities, education and arts professionals, parents, grand parents and everyone you can share the link with can answer. Your answers to the questionnaire will guide us in developing our online searchable catalogue. A mere five minutes will go a long way for us.

National Volunteer Week. Source: Volunteer Canada.

Volunteer with us

Come help our cause

We are expanding our board and establishing a permanent committee structure. More committed individuals will be needed in the coming months and coming years. Please consider joining our ranks and submit your nomination or share this post with someone you think might be a good fit for our charitable organization. We are looking to put together four permanent committees, each requiring its own set of expertise and interest. For detailed committee descriptions and how to apply, see our Join in and volunteer page. The committees are…

Governance Committee

Community and Professional Outreach Committee

Fundraising Committee

Data Governance Committee

Hooray! Goodera!

We raise two thumbs up for Goodera who came up with a new sleek introductory video presenting our mission and Collection. Friends at Goodera are kindly watching over us, as difficult times drag on.

We are a cultural charity with a specific educational, archival mandate, so understandably our organization has not come out at the top of foundations or philanthropists’ list of priorities since the beginning of the pandemic. Getting the word out is important to us and we invite you to share this post as much as possible. Today may be a good day to make a donation, we thank you in advance for doing so.

As a global platform, Goodera facilitates corporate volunteering. Like other charities, the pandemic has prevented us to hold in-person events and meet our regional community directly. Goodera’s online global reach and technical expertise is a much appreciated support. On top of all they do, they have just launched their Karma App, in partnership with Zoom and you will find it at Zoom App Marketplace. The application lets people take ten minutes of their online meeting to make a group contribution to the cause of their choice.

An Introduction to Children’s Design International Collection. Production: Goodera. Source: CDIC-CIDE.

Many more have joined the conversation in 2021

According to our web statistics, unique visitors and total hits for our website have increased by 50 % this past year, compared with the previous one. With over 12,000 visitors and 156,000 hits, we can say that more and more people are developing an interest in the preservation of children’s art and expression. It is not all, of those visiting, 13 % spend at least 15 minutes on the site and 11 % more than 30 minutes. We might not be the latest singing kitty with nearly 20 M views on the tube or on Tik Tok, but we purr to our own beat.

Our visitors come largely from Canada and the United States, but also significantly from France, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan and several others. We are also lucky to have dedicated volunteers helping out with our social media. A steady 800 subscribers follow us on Instagram. Pass on the word and help more people support our mission.

CDIC’s website stats for 2021, as per cPanel. Source: CDIC-CIDE.

More digitization in progress

We have recently signed an agreement with McMaster University Library for the digitization of nearly 150 objects from our Collection. These are oversize objects which we cannot digitize on our own at this time. The pandemic had stalled our discussion with the university for many months, while facilities were not accessible. We are happy this is now underway.

The university library had never opened its Digitization Centre to the community until now and we are glad to be paving the way to more collaborations in the future. A special thanks to Krista Jamieson, Digitization Services Manager, for her efforts in making this project possible. In these photographs, Krista unboxes the package after a special delivery to the library.

On a dark background

Solstice is just around the corner. We encourage you to take some time to draw with bright colors on a dark background. Follow the lead from contemporary artists such as Cathy Sheeter from , and Kay Lee. They perpetuate a method many would have thought had long disappeared among professional artists.

Explore the nearly lost history of pastel on velvet in Lisa Hix‘s daring article published on Collectors Weekly.

Some of our collection items are made on dark background. Like this one by Sri Dharshni, part of the Ganesh M fonds. We first notice the two black trees under the moonlight, but pay attention to the way bats fly among the stars.

Two trees at night, by Sri Dharshni, 2020. Source:

A reading list

Books and scientific articles about or inspired by children’s drawings are few and far between. In our blog, we pointed to a variety of them over the past three years. We have prepared a list of selected works for quick consultation. Take a moment to pick your favorite ones and share the information with your friends or colleagues.

We welcome your reading suggestions, for the benefit of all who care about our conservation mandate. Conservation and conversation are made for one another.

Reading glasses. Photo: Mari Helin-Tuominen. Source:, 26 September 2021.
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