Contribute items to the Collection

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief presentation of Children’s Design International Collection. Once you will know more about our mission and our programs, we hope that you will support them and contribute in your own way to our growing success.

For a fast online item contribution, fill out the online Contribution Form where you can insert one or more digital copies. Originals can be mailed afterward.

For a contribution by regular mail, simply send one or several drawings at the address below, along with a completed Contribution Form downloadable in PDF.

Mail to : CDIC – CIDE P.O. Box 33599 Dundurn RO Hamilton Canada L8P 1A0

Too often, children’s drawings are ignored or admired only for a brief moment. We provide a permanent home for these fragile objects to save them from oblivion.

We have established an international collection of children drawings, paintings, collages, etc. in order to preserve this cultural heritage that is part of our social expression. Children’s Rights is a relatively recent phenomenon and we believe that to preserve their expression is a collective duty. We are committed to collect and make accessible this historical and cultural heritage, with a philanthropic motivation.

Our aim is to educate and to build knowledge on children expression by collecting, and providing public and professional (ethnologist, psychologist and historians) access to children drawings, verbal expression and narrative accounts.

Thank you for letting others know that they too can contribute.

Léo Beaulieu