Board of Directors

Léo Beaulieu

Léo joined the education sector after a career as association manager in the cultural sector, in Quebec and Ontario. His college studies in special education preceded his university studies in philosophy. His academic path helped shape his interest for human rights and its promotion.

For Léo, the creation of CDIC-CIDE springs naturally from his commitment to promote individual expression, to the benefit of society at large.

Caring parents made it possible for him preserve childhood drawings of his own. During childhood, the images found in book of works by prominent artists such as Alfred Pellan, Fernand Léger, Harold Town, John Meredith and many others made a great impression on him. Exposed to their original works later in life, Leo’s belief in the evocative and liberating power of self-expression remains unaltered.

Dilshani Ranaraja

Dilshani is founding director, teacher and owner of Little Fingers Art Studio. She is a creative innovator, child art instructor, and design expert who has been creating impactful experiences for children for more than 13 years.

Dilshani has organized and participated in local as well as international art shows, cultural events and exhibitions in China, India, Japan, France and the United States. Based in Negombo, Sri Lanka, she has organized cultural exchange projects with the non-profit Empowerment India and also participates in annual art competitions organized by Institut Mondial d’Art de la Jeunesse (IMAJ), Centre pour UNESCO, among others. She holds a B.A. in Fashion and Design from Bangalore University, India, and received a Designer of the Year award in 2017. She is currently pursuing post graduate studies for an MBA in Psychology.

Dilshani teaches from her heart, building self-esteem in her students and challenging them to find their inner artist.

Maya Grubisic

Maya is an artist and bilingual art instructor. She currently works for Artshine, as French program coordinator to help develop French art programs across Canada. She works in person in the Waterloo region and virtually in other regions. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s degree in Art Education from Concordia University in Montreal.

Maya believes that art should be for everyone. It is an asset that represents a common cultural language, aligned with CDIC’s mission to preserve children’s art and creations. The only thing Maya loves more than teaching art is seeing the work she has taught, through the eyes of her students. It is through art that we can learn from one another and children’s works are rich objects that reveal a multitude of stories and understanding about the world.

Maya enjoys being creative in every aspect of her life, whether it be cooking, gardening, crafting, teaching or spending time with her two children in Waterloo.

Uday Kankanala

Uday Kankanala is a Director in Transformation Office at CIBC. He is enthusiastic and self-motivated professional with over twelve years’ of experience working in Financial Services, Consulting and Telecom Industries. Uday enjoys solving complex business challenges. His is adept at data analysis, governance and risk management.

Uday strongly believes that children are very vital in shaping tomorrow’s world and likes to be part of organizations that, like ours, work towards welfare of children.

Thank you to our past and founding directors !

  • Andrée Bolduc, retired teacher
  • Liliane Masengo Kabamba, teacher
  • Alain Woehrlé, retired teacher
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