Board of Directors

Léo Beaulieu

Léo joined the education sector after a career as association manager in the cultural sector, in Quebec and Ontario. His college studies in special education preceded his university studies in philosophy. His academic path helped shape his interest for human rights and its promotion.

For Léo, the creation of CDIC-CIDE springs naturally from his commitment to promote individual expression, to the benefit of society at large.

Caring parents made it possible for him preserve childhood drawings of his own. During childhood, the images found in book of works by prominent artists such as Alfred Pellan, Fernand Léger, Harold Town, John Meredith and many others made a great impression on him. Exposed to their original works later in life, Leo’s belief in the evocative and liberating power of self-expression remains unaltered.

Uday Kankanala

Uday Kankanala is a Director in Transformation Office at CIBC. He is enthusiastic and self-motivated professional with over twelve years’ of experience working in Financial Services, Consulting and Telecom Industries. Uday enjoys solving complex business challenges. His is adept at data analysis, governance and risk management.

Uday strongly believes that children are very vital in shaping tomorrow’s world and likes to be part of organizations that, like ours, work towards welfare of children.

Nish Parameswaran

Nish Parameswaran is a Science and Business graduate from the University of Waterloo, with over twelve years of experience in Logistics and Operations. She is a results-driven professional with a passion for creating efficiencies and driving change. In her most recent role as Senior Operations Manager at Amazon, Nish managed multiple delivery stations, exceeding business plan and driving the vision for her team.

As a mother of two young children, Nish finds inspiration in their creativity and curiosity, which drives her to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to everything she does. Her children inspire her to view the world through a different lens, and she believes that this mindset is critical to unlocking innovation and success in any organization.

Thank you to our past and founding directors !

  • Andrée Bolduc, retired teacher
  • Maya Grubisic, artist and coordinator
  • Liliane Masengo Kabamba, teacher
  • Dilshani Ranaraja, artist entrepreneur
  • Alain Woehrlé, retired teacher
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