Founding Members and Directors

Léo Beaulieu, cultural coordinator

Léo joined the education sector after a career as association manager in the cultural sector, in Quebec and Ontario. His college studies in special education preceded his university studies in philosophy. His academic path helped shape his interest for human rights and its promotion. For Léo, the creation of CDIC-CIDE springs naturally from his commitment to promote individual expression, to the benefit of society at large.

Caring parents made it possible for him preserve childhood drawings of his own. During childhood, the images found in book of works by prominent artists such as Alfred Pellan, Fernand Léger, Harold Town, John Meredith and many others made a great impression on him. Exposed to their original works later in life, Leo’s belief in the evocative and liberating power of self-expression remains unaltered.

Liliane Masengo Kabamba, teacher

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liliane Masengo Kabamba is a lawyer by trade and has been teaching at Conseil scolaire Viamonde for nearly ten years. A recently published author, she wrote Mon identité, ma culture as well as Il était une fois les droits de l’homme, with children as co-writers and illustrators.

Passionate about the arts and education, she is pursuing a Master of Education degree at University of Ottawa. She also took part in several social projects promoting human rights, with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

Alain Woehrlé, teacher

Born in Lorraine et raised in Bordeau (France), Alain graduated in electronics, and moved to military duties in the Paratroops Marine Regiment (6th RPIM), as well as the United Nations Interim Force in Libanon (UNIFL).

Thereafter, he joins civil society and work as technician for a design department and service technician in East Germany. Back in France as technician and trainer for industrial high-tech machinery, Alain specializes in equipment and equipment management.

He marries a Canadian and later is offered a position in Toronto, Canada. He holds several positions, mainly in the garment industry, which allows him to expand his reach to the United States and Mexico.

Later, he leaves behind the fluctuations of private markets, and returns to school to complete a certificate in Technological Studies (University of Ottawa), and joins the ranks of the teaching workforce in the public schools.

Thank you to our past directors !

Andrée Bolduc, teacher, and Founding Member