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Each member mandate is one year minimum and renewable.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees the adequate functioning of the Board and its committees, in their respective responsibilities towards the administration and the development of the Collection. (Read more…)

Community and Professional Outreach Committee

The Community and Professional Outreach Committee conducts a variety of awareness and educational activities. The Committee promotes the mission and the programs of the Collection with targeted audiences and the general public. (Read more…)

Fundraising Committee

Data Governance Committee

The Fundraising Committee makes decisions and formulates recommendations about project proposals and fundraising campaigns. It monitors progress of the Collection’s financial capacity and sound funding of its key programs: Collection, Conservation and Education. (Read more…)

The Data Governance Committee oversees the implementation of efficient tools (policies, processes, systems and practices) for each step of the data management cycle and information related to the Collection. (Read more…)

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