Just like Santa

Did you know that Santa likes to receive letters all year round? Canada Post handles all his mail. At CDIC-CIDE, we have that in common with the Old Man. We like to receive mail and Canada Post handles it for us too. The differences are that we do not travel as fast, and stay up all night. The one thing we do for real, is to preserve your drawings and your letters forever: Use our Contribution Form, email and or mail us.

Write a letter to Santa. Source: Canada Post, 24 November 2019.

Lawyers for children’s rights

Whether you are a parent, a grand-parent, a teacher, a lawyer or all of the above, remember above all to mind children’s rights and the upcoming Universal Children’s Day on November 20th. Visit the UN site and read the 1959 declaration and the 1989 convention. There is more for the savvy legal professional, Baker McKenzie will be hosting yet another annual summit on the issue this December 3rd. This time in California and you will never guess in whose headquarters.

Children’s Right Summit 2019. Source: https://bakerxchange.com/

Our repository

CDIC-CIDE is a young organization and we do not have yet a permanent physical exhibition space. For the time being, we retained the services of a fantastic record management company as our repository. Command Records Management is located in London Ontario. It offers state of the art services and facilities, with respect to international ARMA and PRISM standards. Rest assure that your contributions of precious artefacts are safe with us and taken care of professionally and respectfully.

Online searchability in the works

We are working towards making our collection searchable online. Tell us what interest you the most in children’s drawings and which criteria you would use in our search tool. Tell us whether you would select primarily country of origin, date, age, subject portrayed, theme or other criteria. If you use often a search tool that you prefer to others, please share your preference with us. We are currently considering Access to Memory (AtoM) open source software by Artefactual Systems.

Keep or toss? We are the answer!

We share this fun-to-read article by Mary Townsend, published in The Atlantic: Throw Your Children’s Art Away. We certainly feel for families facing the dilemma. However, we are an archives and we are all about conservation. No longer feel torn apart between keep or toss… we are the alternative, contribute to the collection.

Throw Your Children’s Art Away, theatlantic.com, 30 September 2019.

A scholar’s fan base

If a scholar can have a fan base, count us among his: Professor Jonathan D. Fineberg, Director of the Ph.D. in Creativity at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Why are we fans? When a scholar has such a polished website, and generously introduces the readers to his published research, how can one not be drawn into it?

Passionate about children’s creativity? Run to your favorite book provider and ask for When We Were Young: New Perspectives on the Art of the Child, first published by University of California Press, in 2006.

When We Were Young: New Perspectives on the Art of the Child, cover image, jonathanfineberg.com. 23 September, 2019.

Pineapple garden in Oz

Cheers to The Queensland Pineapple. Certainly one of the most colorful magazines you can find online, that praises children’s creativity. It is well put together and shows much respect for the published works. Kudos to Vivienne Lang for this Australian initiative. Of course, we are curious to know whether the originals are preserved.

Magali, Fly Away. thequeenslandpineapple.com.au, TPQ Texture Issue 2, 15 September, 2019.

An intriguing VR proposal

Three Hamilton (CANADA) institutions team up to present Artasia #ArtPark in a few days. Produced by Culture for Kids in the Arts (CKA), in partnership with a research team from McMaster University, the virtual reality #ArtPark will be presented at this year’s annual Supercrawl festival.

We will visit it because it is nearby and CKA says that this project “culminates in a 3D virtual park, housing the vision of more than 500 kids from around the region.”

Artesia #ArtPark, ckarts.ca, 8 September 2019.

If you didn’t do it yet, check out ROE

If you do not know the program Roots of Empathy yet, make sure to check it out and to follow them online. The program brings parent-baby bounding time into the classroom, where students learn about emotions and gain insights about themselves and the world we live in. From these encounters spring awesome drawings and quotes too. See for yourself on ROE’s YouTube channel. Let’s hope, for all of us, that the original drawings and quotes made over the years will be preserved.

I felt proud when… A Children’s Art Show, Roots of Empathy, YouTube, 31 August, 2019.