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We collect originals. For this reason, our communication with contributors is paramount. We devote time and resources to assess and process each contribution, making sure that information requirements are met. Contributions can easily be done and confirmed online. Yet, the original material must be received by us in a timely fashion. Visit the “Contribute” page and take some time to read through our Contribution Agreement. Donations are optional at the time of contribution. As soon as a contribution arrives, its long life in our database and our repository begins. Handling, postage and filing supplies are needed to make this program successful. For more details, see our Assessment and Acquisition Policy.


Schools, libraries, daycares, community centres and events that want to host our collection portfolio, see our information sheet for details.


Our collection items demand specialized care and attention. We aim to document them using the highest standards of digitization and with respect to widely recognized Rules of Archival Description (RAD). Database development, data entry, cataloguing, labeling and shelving represent intensive specialized labor and require extensive resources. We use a 24/7 secured storage facility with over twenty five years of proven quality services. For more details, please view our Conservation Policy.

Our long term plan makes provisions for scholarships and internships directed to graduate students in information management, library science and museum studies.


It is important to us to raise awareness about children’s expression through as many means as possible. We do so by making images visible on our web gallery  or web archives and information on our blog and social media. Growing our entire database available online, for discerning researchers and professionals around the world, is our ultimate goal. To this end, we reach out to such experts and invite them to write articles, give conferences and curate the collection from their own perspectives, may it be as historians, psychologists, educators or other social scientists. We also seek to partner with other charities and educational institutions on projects, such as exhibitions, that can benefit the general public and make our collection items more accessible to the public.


CDIC-CIDE is a member of…

Archives Association of Ontario

Volunteer Canada

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